Who Are We And What We Do.

7calendars.com is a division of Simple Design, a corporate graphic design boutique located in Montreal, Canada. We specialize in (very) short print-runs for corporate personalized calendars. We are creating the opportunity for our clients to have high-end marketing materials in terms of design and printing finishing - in low quantities at affordable prices.

How We Do It.

We produce fully personalized prints, which means that compared with our competitors, we DO NOT print thousands of calendars in batches and attach a simple personalized monochromatic imprints afterwards. To be able to print such short runs (as low as 7 personalized copies) we are using a production digital printing press.

Compared with a traditional offset press, the digital printing process is much more suitable for print-on-demand jobs. The set-up cost decrease while the technology of 2400x2400 dpi resolution delivers razor sharp details and smooth color transitions.

Besides the technology, we have a very qualified team specialized in corporate graphic design.
Choosing the right pictures, balance them throughout the entire calendar, blend the informational data - so the calendar becomes a very natural tool to use - are no easy tasks. Our team will create a product you will be proud of. Learn more about our products