Your Questions Answered

How long it takes to receive my calendars?

We have up to 2 business days in order to personalize the calendars based on your custom elements (logo, copy text). In this time frame we will send you the .pdf proof. After your approval, the production time takes between 3 and 5 business days. For larger quantities the production may take longer. At this timeline you should add the shipping time according to your choice made in the shopping process. Please note that the overall production time depends also by the time you need to send us all the personalized elements (logo, fonts, copy text).

Why do you charge for samples? A sample should be free!

We are a print-on-demand service, so we do not produce batches of samples and freely distribute them. On top of this, our goal is to provide you a full experience of your future marketing channel, therefore we have the "Touch Before You Buy" policy. We will produce a personalized sample just for you, and this involves production costs as any other order.

What happens if I do not like the final product?

Within 15 days we will replace free of charge all the calendars which are defective. We are talking about print production errors (e.g. off colors, smudges) as well as finishing errors (e.g. color misalignments). However, it is very unlikely for this to happen as our goal is an outstanding product and each calendar is manually inspected before shipping.

To physically protect even more your calendars we suggest you to order also cardboard mailers and inserting options. Thus, each calendar will be individually packed and protected during the shipping process.

In terms of content, you are fully responsible for the elements you provide us (logo, copy text, company information), so starting with the .pdf proof you will receive, carefully double check these elements.

Do you offer a deeper level of customization than your standard offer?

Yes, we do. We can create a true 100% custom calendars using your own images, or even your industry-oriented imagery. We also can rearrange all the elements on your request and add new ones. However, this will be treated as a different project with its own timeline and costs. Contact us for this special requirement.

Do you provide larger quantities or other formats?

We can provide you any quantity you want either is smaller or larger. Depending on the quantity you need, we might change our technology from digital printing to offset printing as the costs per unit decrease in the traditional offset process for larger quantities.

For larger quantities, we are able to offer you different formats and sizes, so please contact us for these special requirements.