What the Personalization Process Means For You.

For the personalization process 7calendars.com needs the following elements:

The customization process comes right after your shopping cart is processed when one of our representatives will personally get in touch with you. We believe that a personal/human contact from our part will eliminate errors caused by communication via an automated responding system. Therefore have ready within the next 12 hours of your order the following five items our representative will ask for:

Once we create your calendars using the elements below we will provide you a digital proof (a .pdf document) for your approval. Then we will start the production. Please send your attachments by replying to the email our representative will send you and ALWAYS keep the order number in the subject line.

1. Your brand signature (logo)

This is the first mandatory element for a real customization process. The graphic designer, ad agency, design studio, or simply your marketing department through its design division, should provide your company logo in a professional manner. We accept the following vector formats: .ai .eps .pdf .cdr .fh, as well as the following raster formats .tif .psd .png .jpg. gif.

We strongly recommend to forward us vector formats, as they contain objects which can be scaled without quality loss and with proper color encoding for the printing process. Thus you will be assured your identity will be printed as a very clear and sharp object on paper without any distortions or compression aberrations caused by the raster files.

However, if you do not posses your logo in any of the vector files mentioned, you can forward us any of the raster file types mentioned but assure yourself the image resolution is at least 300dpi, therefore the image width measures at least 1000px. We are not responsible for any unwanted logo representation caused by a poor logo quality.

On the other hand, the corporate identity provided will embed your corporate colors. We will extract and assign them to different text elements of the calendar especially to the weekend dates and month names. [top]

2. Your corporate font (optional)

In order to blend your new printed materials into your marketing collaterals we are able to assign your corporate font(s) to different text elements of your calendars (eg. day numbers and names, month names). To benefit from this feature, provide us your corporate fonts either as a True Type or Type 1 files. Please note that we will respect the license agreement of your font provider by using the fonts only on your specific project and uninstall and destroy any copy of them once the project is completed.

In case you do not provide us any corporate font, the graphic designer in charge with your project will choose an appropriate font collection in order to visually match your corporate logotype. [top]

3. Corporate book (optional)

This design tool is a set of rules especially created by the team who created your visual identity to underline the importance of uniformity in design and communication in respect to your corporate logo. Issues like minimum size requirements, protected area, color codes, font names used to build your identity should be presented in this book. These rules will help us to personalize your calendars as if they were created by your own design department. [top]

4. Tagline/Slogan/USP/Copy text (optional)

We build your calendars page by page, so we offer you the option to personalize each page with a specific copy text. However, you can have the same copy throughout all twelve pages of your calendar. It's your choice. Either way, your copy should not exceed 150 characters (including spaces) per calendar page. Otherwise we will be forced to reduce the font size which will make your copy text to be less visible. [top]

5. Contact Info

Apart from the copy text, some contact information would be placed on a separate line. You can provide us what ever info you think is appropriate for this marketing channel - internet address, toll free number - but the length should not exceed 100 characters. Any longer than that will make the font size smaller in order to fit the copy in the assigned area. [top]