Top 10 Reasons You Should Order Our Calendars Today.

1. Very small quantity available. As low as 7 calendars.

The digital technology allows us to print custom jobs in small quantities. The set-up cost is very low so we are not forced to print large quantities to recover these costs as it is required in the traditional offset printing process. We can produce for you as low as 7 calendars. You can even "touch before you buy" by having a personalized sample.

2. Full-color print of your logo, tagline, USP or copy.

Our printing costs are the same regardless the number of colors. Therefore we DO NOT charge for extra print colors. This is a huge advantage as long as the vast majority of identities are not monochromatic, and for sure they are not just black. Our competitors charge for each extra color and a set-up fee, which seriously inflates the bill.

3. Different message on each page.

Compared with our competitors, which produce thousands of calendars and print monochromatic imprints to be attached, we're printing using digital presses, so we are able to control the content of each page. We personalize each page for you assigning different content for each page if you require. At no extra cost.

4. Match calendar's dates to your corporate colors.

Our final goal is to create an outstanding personalized product. As long as we manually process each page of your order we can personalize the color scheme upon the one of your identity. This feature comes standard with every order.

5. Match typography to your corporate fonts.

The personalization process goes beyond everything you met in this industry. We can even assign your corporate font to any text element of your calendars (e.g. day numbers and names, month names). However, in the personalization process you have to provide us your corporate font. Learn more about the customization process.

6. Cardboard envelopes delivered on request.

Your personalized calendar should reach your client's mailbox the way it suppose to: perfect. Our cardboard mailers protect the content against the bending process done by the regular mail carrier. That's their meaning.

7. Fully insured shipping

Your shipping is fully insured regardless of the amount billed. The concept is simple, if the content is damaged during the shipping process, our carrier will refund you the entire value of your bill.

8. Stunning, breathtaking imageries

The choice of calendar images is no easy task. The calendar has to tell a story and the images have to be balanced throughout the entire year ahead. In a way, a corporate calendar should be like a piece of art as your client will have each image on a wall for 30 days. We accomplished this difficult task, and our calendars present pictures meant to release positive, enhancing experiences.

9. Functional, effective layout

Our designers found the perfect balance between a beautiful imagery and a functional calendar grid. We embraced the "less is more" philosophy, so if something doesn't need to be there it won't be. Your calendars will be a very useful tool with crystal clear identified areas, readable font faces and sizes from distance as well as a perfect contrast and balance between all the elements.

10. High-end quality for paper, print and finishing

As a binding element, we are using double-loop wire-o combined with a metal hanger instead of a classic saddle stitch staples as the calendar will not be bended and it will stay straight against the wall.

Our calendars are printed at a resolution of 2400x2400px on a 80lb high-gloss paper, the perfect paper for annual reports, presentation folders, catalogs and corporate collaterals. The sheets of paper we're using are third-party certified to three chain-of-custody standards (FSC, SFI and PEFC), and contains 10% post-consumer recycled fiber.